Inside the Minds of Some of NATIONAL’s Media Buying Partners – Part 2

Media buying and technology is an industry that is always changing and evolving. Since NATIONAL works with some of the best media buyers, we wanted to ask them what trends they are keeping their eyes on, what technology is changing the industry and how we can leverage their expertise. Answering our questions this week: Rose Wagner Media.

What is the biggest trend in the media landscape right now?

The media landscape is constantly changing more so over the past year than ever before, with constant advancements in technology. It’s tough to choose just one! One of the biggest trends that we’re currently watching, centres on media and brand partnerships that bring native and interactive content to life. This content really has no limits, whether it is socially-driven or product-driven, the common goal is to create a brand story, opposed to selling product or services.

Oftentimes, the story begins with the brand value as its core, and it works for many reasons:


  • Interactivity – puts the control in the consumers’ hand and their interpretation is based on their needs/wants/preferences
  • Interactive platforms (digital screens, mobile applications) – designed to make consumers notice and get to know you and your brand (not designed to sell, but to showcase what makes your brand unique)

Exclusive & Captive

  • Less focused on mass broad reach; greater emphasis on developing relationship with select community
  • The content itself is unique to that experience and platform

Relationship Driven

  • When done right, it leverages the consumers’ existing relationships through the various channels being used to promote the campaign or offer engagement opportunities (social) to further drive the experience, reinforcing the consumers’ perception of the brand

Trust through Affinity

  • Endorsement can be seamless once the community arrives. This segues into influencer marketing situations where people feel motivated to share within their own personal communities, extending reach and brand trust.

A few of our favourite examples:

Clorox and HuffPost’s RYOT Made a 360-Degree Video About Clean Drinking Water
Conan O’Brien’s New App Is a Pokemon Go-Style Game for Fans

What is the one tip you offer clients when thinking about integrated media strategies?

Think of how the media channels will work together to create impact and resonate with the consumer.  Not all ads need to say the exact same thing.

Even though the industry is changing, what is the one thing that never changes?

Consumers are in control and they are ever-changing! Despite continual industry changes and evolution/adaptation in consumer patterns, the one constant that remains is the impact of a well-placed, well-crafted message.

There are so many metrics out there – which is the most important?

The most important metric is to clearly identify just that – what your success metric will look like at the onset of the campaign. Then, appropriate measurement metrics can be implemented at the start.


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