Inside the Minds of Some of NATIONAL’s Media Buying Partners – Part 3

Media buying and technology is an industry that is always changing and evolving. Since NATIONAL works with some of the best media buyers, our Atlantic team wanted to ask them what trends they are keeping their eyes on, what technology is changing the industry and how we can leverage their expertise. In this last installment of our three-part series, Time + Space Media answers our questions.

What is the biggest trend in the media landscape right now?

The focus on the customer experience with brands, via their advertising has emerged as a major theme for marketers. Underscored by a massive push towards personalization, media has become more focused on creating authentic, personal experiences for potential/active customers.

Broad reach campaigns still do have a place, although a significant shift has taken place and we see that trend continuing.

What is the one tip you offer clients when thinking about integrated media strategies?

Don’t get married to the tactics.

A truly integrated media strategy allows an advertiser to push their message out in a broad way, showing a strong affinity towards a specific media channel can be a major issue. Being neutral to the channel(s) being used is key, along with being agile to quickly understand which channels are working and those which are underperforming is critical. Adjusting on the fly is what separates the good from bad.

Even though the industry is changing, what is the one thing that never changes?

Consumer attention. In the media world, we play a game of anticipating, predicting and positioning our clients to capitalize on consumer attention. Where the attention lands is an always fluid topic, but understanding how to spot attention and then mobilize around it will never change.

There are so many metrics out there – which is the most important?

Every media channel has a variety of metrics which become relevant, although the best metric really depends on the core goal of the campaign. This can vary from awareness to conversion, GRP’s to CPM’s.

Ultimately, the underlying reason why companies invest in advertising to drive their business forward. Thus, all the metrics available really become proxy indicators of metrics that generate revenue. In many cases, ROI focused metrics such as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost Per Conversion (CPC) is the true metric to keep an eye on if time is limited.


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