Inside the Minds of Some of NATIONAL’s Media Buying Partners – Part 1

Media buying and technology is an industry that is always changing and evolving. Since NATIONAL works with some of the best media buyers, we wanted to ask them what trends they are keeping their eyes on, what technology is changing the industry and how we can leverage their expertise. First up in this series: Halifax-based Outshine.

What is the biggest trend in the media landscape right now?

Marketing is coming under increasing demand to prove ROI and contribution to revenue. And we are finally at the point where companies, even ones with complex sales cycles, are able to do this. The biggest trend we see is the move away from traditional media metrics and a move toward business outcomes. As a part of this, the alignment of marketing and sales has never been a more popular topic. Marketers are working more closely with sales to generate the right type of leads.

What is the one tip you offer clients when thinking about integrated media strategies?

Focus on your business KPIs (key performance indicators), and the tools and techniques that move the needle to accomplish those goals. There’s plenty of smoke and mirrors that distract even the most sophisticated teams; you need to focus on figuring out what works for your company. This includes trying new things and thinking outside the box to discover opportunities, but ultimately reigning the strategy in based on what’s proven to perform.

Even though the industry is changing, what is the one thing that never changes?

There are plenty of shiny and new things in the marketing space, but a priority that remains unchanged no matter the campaign or project is how you solve a problem your customer has. Successful marketing has never been about the features and benefits of your product or service—it’s about painting a picture of your customer’s business landscape that includes the challenges they face, as well as solutions to those problems.

There are so many metrics out there – which is the most important?

The most important metrics are the ones that represent true business impact. These will differ from one campaign to the next, and one business to another, but generally speaking, metrics like impressions simply aren’t enough to deduce real value. When it comes to digital advertising, you need to be able to determine Return on Ad Spend (i.e. how much you are spending vs. how much value you are getting). This metric will help you focus your efforts on what actually moves the needle.


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