Putting Optimism in the Front Window

For the past 16 years, NATIONAL has partnered with the Halifax Chamber of Commerce to sponsor the annual State of the Province address.

With Halifax being declared Canada’s third fastest growing city, 5,000 immigrants choosing the province last year, and with the lowest youth unemployment rate in the country, Nova Scotia has a lot to celebrate.

The team at NATIONAL seized the opportunity to highlight the great momentum the region is experiencing – and the optimism many are feeling for the province. Our Halifax colleagues Kristi Strowbridge, Andrew Blanchette, Jacqui Dean and Isaac Mbaziira had the honour of introducing Premier McNeil, with each highlighting their own personal stories of connection to the province – all drawing a strong parallel to momentum, youth retention and the optimism they are feeling as young adults who are working in the middle of this positive shift. 

As explained by Associate Isaac Mbaziira: “Nova Scotia has allowed me to thrive and grow through each stage of my life and has afforded me the chance to carve out the kind of future I want for myself.”

The theme of optimism was further brought to life, through a video entitled What’s Next NS – created by the NATIONAL team and presented at the event – featuring a series of stories and change makers who embody the optimism sentiment. The goal was to demonstrate the idea that optimism attracts momentum, and encouragement is at the heart of it all. As Kristi Strowbridge said in her introduction: “If you can’t invent it, fund it. If you can’t start it, support it. If you can’t support it, then help find someone who can.”

In the coming weeks, NATIONAL’s Atlantic team will continue sharing inspiring stories, and will encourage others to do the same. To follow along, watch our hashtag: #WhatsNextNS, add your stories and please share.