Random Acts of Kindness in Atlantic Canada

Just in time for #RandomActsOfKindness Week, Atlantic Canada was hit with a major winter storm. On Tuesday, the region received upwards of 60 cm overnight closing schools, pulling all transit off the roads, knocking out power to thousands and leaving many residents shovelling 6-foot snow drifts.

With the city at a standstill, and snowbanks piling up, you might expect to encounter some understandable moments of frustration. Except, digital media and traditional media were flooded with stories of acts of kindness, whether it was shovelling out neighbours, offering pedestrians a drive or lending a snow blower to plow out the street. Here are just a few #RandomActsOfKindness we saw this week:

  • Metro reported on local activist Paul Vienneau’s dedication to accessibility during the winter. “You’ll often find Vienneau in his wheelchair chopping away at ice and snow to help clear sidewalks, crosswalks, drains and street corners”. The article goes on to highlight why Vienneau is so dedicated to the city he calls home, and he considers his actions a “municipal service for an “awesome” city”.
  • CBC highlighted acts of kindness like Jamie Paris, who regularly helps his elderly neighbours after a storm. “It’s just something we’ve always done ever since we were young. It’s always nice just to check up on them, make sure that they can get out.”
  • Shelters and Food Banks around Halifax praised #StormHeroes volunteers who drove staff to work so they could open for those who relied on these services. 
  • And one personal account from NATIONAL’s Halifax office. I was crawling over a snow bank and a kind lady stopped to ask if she could drive me somewhere. I hopped in her car, only to find out, she owns the cafe, Mamma Grattis that is located in our building. Kindness saves the day!

So whether it is lending your shovel, leaving a coffee card for a teacher, topping up an expired metre, or getting flowers for a hard working colleague, on this  Random Acts of Kindness Day (#RAOKDay), try to make someone’s day a little brighter.