Seven Photos to Quit Posting

Try to name the last time you walked down the street and didn’t see someone with their iPhone capturing the moment. Visuals that inspire us and tell the story of our everyday lives rival the words that we write and the conversations we have.

So, as I strive to improve my own photo sharing practices, I offer a few comments on the photos that typically don’t make the cut and should be replaced with a more artful setting, a better angle, more interesting lighting or… a different subject.

  1. Long shot with speaker at podium
    Hey, this is what that person looked like addressing a crowd with a number of empty seats. This is compelling because…
  2. Crowd shots from events with no distinct point other than to show attendance
    See, people came!
  3. Unflattering photos of your friends and/or colleagues
    Yes, you love that photo of yourself but really – everyone else looks like they just heard that House of Cards has been cancelled. Also, a special shout out to terrible restaurant table group photos. 
  4. Hearts and trees or other hidden symbols in coffee foam
    The epidemic continues. We live in Canada – trust me – it’s going to be a great day.
  5. Out of focus action shots of your children
    Moving action might be best captured with video.
  6. Rainbows
    Ok, if it’s a double that’s fine. But it’s safe to say that most people have witnessed nature’s marvel firsthand.
  7. Unsavoury food
    It’s very important to show the world you are a classy, discerning foodie but we don’t need a photo of the Greek buffet under fluorescent light.