(The Rise of the) Second Screen and Stranger Things

I love a good trend that knows it is trending!

Stranger Things, the spooky 80’s pastiche Netflix series, is killing it on integrated marketing. Whether it’s the notorious font or John Carpenter style score, fans are going nuts! It’s the perfect union between Stephen King and Steven Spielberg and everything you didn’t know you wanted.

But Netflix knew and knows how viewers are consuming their series. We are all binging the show (watching in one sitting) and splitting our attention between multiple screens (this is a great article on second screen behaviour). It’s not just about watching what’s on screen in front of us anymore. The elaborate world that is created and content that enhances the experience can be just as important and compelling as the actual piece of entertainment.

Netflix is doing a great job introducing additional content that enhances the viewing experience. If you can’t get enough Stranger Things, this is for you!

  1. Nostalgia – We love nostalgia. Why is Pokemon back? You can buy record players for literally thousands on Amazon. My daughter loves My Little Ponies and Stranger Things is steeped in iconic imagery. Check out this 70’s and 80’s movie tribute supercut.
  2. Music – Speaking of nostalgia, the soundtrack is amazing – Joy Division, The Clash, The Bangles, Jefferson Airplane and Toto. Of course Netflix launched a Spotify playlist for audiophiles and fans alike.  
  3. Stranger Things Gif Machine – There is a scene in episode 3 where Winona Ryder shows us that she’s back and better than ever. That scene was clever, creepy and smart. You can send your own message from the Upside Down on Facebook (I asked my husband, what’s for supper?) at 
  4. Instagram – While Winona is great, the kids of Stranger Things are the real stars. They have become overnight sensations. Check out Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobby Brown for behind-the-scenes peeks and see how much fun these kids are having on set!
  5. FacebookStranger ThingsFacebook content is on point. Short video pieces that mimic a distorted VHS playback, creepy tricks played on the cast and crew and previewing episodes to a live audience in a movie theatre… and then turning the parking lot into Hawkins, Indiana (where the show takes place)!

If you’re not watching yet, get on it. And grab your second screen because there are tons of other content out there once you get hooked. Let’s get ready for season two!