Three Data Points You Can’t Ignore

The endless quest for predictable outcomes and return on spend in marketing and communications comes at a perilous cost: mediocrity.

Here are three data points that will help get you back on track: your heart, your conscience and your gut.

  • Heart… Do I have a real passion for what I’m asking others to buy into?  If not, no one else will.
  • Conscience… Is this idea really the best we can do, or is this basically just okay? If not, someone else will do better.
  • Gut… Will this idea make a measureable difference between success and failure? If not, why bother?

Most of what’s being passed off as “creative” these days is boring and predictable; destined to become indistinct among the 3,000 plus messages we’re all being exposed to on a daily basis.

Most of the outcomes are predictable too. Messages, if seen at all, are neither heard nor acted upon, lost instead in a sea of sameness no matter the spend.

If you want to break through, don’t settle, period. Push yourself, your teams and your agencies for ideas that simultaneously excite and scare you.

That’s when the real breakthroughs happen.