Trusted Advisors: Up Close and Personal with… Janet MacMillan

As part of our series called Trusted Advisors: Up Close and Personal with…, every month our Web Editor sits down with our Firm’s leadership for one-on-one interviews on their experience, expertise and careers. We’re happy to present the latest of these interviews with our Halifax office Managing Partner, Janet MacMillan.

Janet, on what type of mandates do you mostly work?

In Atlantic Canada, mandates related to natural resources, such as renewable energy, forestry and fisheries, are very important as they are key drivers of our economy. I love working on these kinds of mandates because not only am I helping an important industry, I’m helping an industry that is at the core of our region’s success. The only other types of mandates I work on are related to issues and crisis management.

How has reputation management changed in the digital era?

Today, people and organizations are judged more quickly and more acutely, so it’s therefore critical that we – in service to our clients – make sure that they are fully ready and able to answer quickly to whatever comes their way. Our clients need to understand the acuity, the gravity and the speed of it.

In your opinion, how has the public relations practice changed over the years?

I would actually like to emphasize how much the PR practice has remained the same! The longer I’m in this business, the more I’m reminded that it’s all about human relationships. Public relations is about how individuals and organizations conduct themselves in their relationships with other human beings. Even though the way they’re managed may change and the tools to manage them may evolve, the behaviour is still fundamentally about good common sense, human decency, and about making sure that others hear what you mean. It’s all about getting your message across.


Fun facts about Janet

I was born in: Chatham, Ontario
Favourite food: It changes a lot, but now it’s Thai food.
Favourite movie: All the President’s Men
Favourite book: Life of Pi (by Yann Martel)
If I didn’t work in PR… : I’d work for a non-profit organization or manage a social cause.
If I could be on a reality TV show, it would be: Any show about home makeovers
Dream travel destination: Sailing around the world
Most memorable vacation: A seven-month sailing trip with my husband and our three children
If I could be any celebrity, I’d be: Nelson Mandela
Favourite past time: Spending time with my family
Person I most admire: My parents
First concert I ever went to is: Light House
Favourite band: Coldplay
Guilty pleasure: Fine food and great wine!