Welcome to Our Family, SHIFT!

When I first joined NATIONAL in 1997, the people and their values, as well as the vision and the culture of the Firm, were what drew me.  Today, almost 20 years later, we still have the same great culture, and those core values are still our compass.  Our leadership team, guided by our President and CEO Jean-Pierre Vasseur, has a clear vision for our future: to be true to our values, to grow our Firm in a sustainable manner and to remain independent, all while our industry is undergoing profound transformation. 

We have a stated objective: to attain $150M in net revenue by 2020 and we can’t achieve that through organic growth alone.  So I am very pleased to be able to announce that SHIFT Communications will be joining our family.  I’ve been part of many transactions in my career, and I know that when the “fit” is right, the chances for success are much greater.  I can say that NATIONAL and SHIFT share common values; it’s what helped us win them over. 

SHIFT is an innovative, award-winning agency that is on the cusp of our industry’s transformation.  As the first public relations agency to enter into a strategic agreement with Google to become a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner (GACP), they’re early adopters of new technologies and measurement.  Their founding partner, Todd Defren, is globally recognized as a social media and public relations innovator, thinker and lecturer. SHIFT’s team of 150 are smart and creative consultants that share our commitment to delivering meaningful solutions that drive results for clients.

NATIONAL has always been innovative – we were the first public relations firm in Canada to recognize the importance of data, establishing our own research service back in 1990.  Today, we have a strong Analytics & Insights team, as well as strategy and creative groups to make sure we’re delivering on-point, valuable communications solutions to our clients, regardless of their business sector or markets. So SHIFT’s data-driven PR is truly complementary to our way of thinking.

When I visit our offices, I’m always reminded that we have terrific people: a breadth and depth of unrivalled expertise when it comes to strategic thinking, industry insights and communications expertise that gets the job done.  It will be so exciting for us to tap into a whole new group of colleagues and learn about how they run their business, the kinds of solutions they propose to their clients, and how they use data and technology to help clients achieve their business objectives.  The team at SHIFT will be able to learn more about the great work we do at NATIONAL, for instance, in medical communications, in healthcare, in the energy sector or in public affairs.

But the greatest benefactors of this transaction will be SHIFT’s and NATIONAL’s clients: they will have a huge brain trust at their disposal across the North American continent and in Europe.  In a time when the choices for how to communicate have multiplied, when ambient noise is overwhelming, and when it is harder than ever to reach the right people at the right time, we are in a great place, a better place than ever, for helping our clients communicate and connect with the people that matter to them.

Welcome to our family, SHIFT!


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